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Monday, August 11, 2014

Android Game Reviews

TA: Little Red Riding Hood

Developer: PANDA ZONE

A walk through video

  TA- Twisted Adventures. These words really mean it! All you need to do is tap on the screen to make the Little RED jump from one sphere to the other. Sounds simple right? It in fact is a very addictive adventurous game! 
  You will have to let the Little RED cross all the obstacles like shadow monsters which involve wolves and flying evil birds stopping it from completing the level! Once you touch any of them, you will have to restart the level! And the rotating spheres help the Little RED to jump from one to another. You need to collect flowers and Apples and free the caged Rabbits in between the spheres to achieve 100% score. All this adventure needs only a single tap or may be two when required which you can do with the help of a guiding arrow.
  The game has very nice fluid graphics! Every step of the game play is very smooth and the musical track in the background makes it much more beautiful. Overall, this is an addictive game for all age groups. The game has many darker colors which also does not harm the eyes unlike many other games which consist of brighter colors.