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Monday, August 11, 2014

Android App Reviews

AMC Security Cleaner & Booster

By Sri Ram E

Set up and User Interface: The installation of AMC security app took just a very few seconds on Galaxy Note 3. The app has got a very cool interface. I immediately followed the steps and completed the setup process and then signed up for a new account.

Then I entered the premium key code by tapping the "Go Premium" button in the top right corner and got the pro version trial for a 3 month period by entering the premium code. All the features overall seemed very promising for me and started navigating through them.


1. Antivirus: The antivirus engine is really good and fast enough that it scanned through all my apps in just a few minutes however there are no malicious apps on my phone. You can enable real time protection which helps scanning the phone while you're using it. And you check for database updates from with in the antivirus option for the latest virus protection. It also clears cache and help providing more space on the phone.

2. Payment Guard: This is one of the best features in this app that I never found in many of the antivirus apps in the google play store. With this, you can avoid any copy sites which will steal your money for no reason.It will notify you of any false payment.

3. Security Zone: This option offers 3 kinds of protection:
  • Surfing Protection: This helps you stay away from any malicious URLs and help you browse safely through the internet and secures your sensitive information.
  • Anti-Phishing: This does almost the same job as above but also notifies you and provides security against any malicious websites which may harm your device.
  • Security Audit: This is another uncommon feature found in other apps. This feature helps you stay secured on the wireless connections like wifi, bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Debug mode.

4. App Manager: This feature will help you to uninstall any play store app installed on your phone from within the app. This also suggests some other apps based on your interests. You may also move the apps from phone's internal memory to the external sd card if possible to be moved. It will also show all the apk files available on the phone and the sd card which can either be installed or deleted.

5. Phone Booster: You can boost the performance of the phone with the help of this feature. You have the options to Auto Boost at every 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, four hours, when screen is off. You can also create a shortcut on your homescreen and boost the phone when required. You can add as many apps as you can to white list which will prevent them from shutting down when clicked to boost the performance.

6. More features: You have many useful and important security features under this option.
  • Privacy Advisor: This feature will scan and show you all the apps that are ad supported along with permissions which will eventually help you uninstall any doubtful apps that you might think tracking or spying on you.
  • Call/SMS Blocker: You can block any numbers from calling and add them to blocklist which will help you from getting annoying calls from them again in the future. Unfortunately, you cannot block SMS since it has something to do with the Android OS.
  • Battery Saver: Under this feature, you can enable the battery saver which helps in saving your juice. You can also check the battery usage from within the this setting along with the realtime battery information.

  •  Anti-Theft: This is the most important feature for every smartphone user. By enabling this option, you can alarm your lost device, trace out the location of the device,delete your data without the concern of the thief. To find the lost device, you simply need to login to their site and send the command to the device to alarm or trace or delete the data but the GPS needs to be turned on to trace the location.
  • Cloud Backup: With this feature, you can backup your contacts and all your call logs to your cloud storage just like the google backup but from within the app.
  • Privacy Locker: This helps you to stay away from prying eyes. You need to set a number lock for the first time and security question and email for password backup in case you forget. You can lock any single image or all the images, videos, any files on the phone memory or external memory,any single contact or multiple contacts and the text messages.Overall this is one of the important feature for every user.
  • Game Speeder: Do your games lag? This feature can boost their performance by closing the background apps and providing more free ram for the games to use. You can simply create a shortcut by tapping the little gear icon on the top right corner for quick use.
7. Others: Other simple yet useful features include, a notification in the status bar for quick access and this app is available in 34 different languages which is pretty good.

Overall this is one of the best antivirus apps available on the playstore! The battery life is good for me personally after installing this app. So I would not hesitate to recommend it. Install this app now on your phone!